Greensboro, NC Volunteers

Ghana Outreach Project

Lilly Day of Service

Walmart Partnership

Newcomers Collaboration:

Costa Rica School Delivery

Ashley Hall: Giving Project

Tyler White

Board Members

  • Lois Chen
  • Katie Egerton
  • Angela McGinn
  • Elizabeth Rankin
  • Courtney Sparrow
  • Lauren Tilley
  • Anna Wall
  • Adrienne Wood
  • Heather Suire

Valued Donors

2015 Donor List

2014 Donor List

2013 Donor List

Ghana Outreach Team:

  • Agbemabiese Family:
    • Martin Agbemabiese, MD
    • Sylvia
    • Jennifer
    • Francis
    • Chantal
  • Julian
  • Godwin
  • Mark/Eric

Newcomers School in Greensboro, NC Partner Team:

  • Angel Katona
  • Candice Bailey
  • Nora Murray
  • Rivas De Kouba
  • Emilie Young
  • Anna Wall

Lilly Day of Service:

  • Lilly Family
  • Piedmont Land and Timber Team

Costa Rica/GAIA Outreach Team:

  • Sandy Schmidt
  • Christina

Ashley Hall in Charleston, SC:

  • Leiza McLeod
  • Lois Ruggiero
  • Mr. Gilbert

Girl Scout Outreach Program:

  • Fran and Sandra Davis

WalMart Partner Team:

  • Tommy Hudson
  • Cecil Sharpe
  • John
  • Brian
  • Taylor
  • Anthony Soto

Irving Park Elementary Art Project Partnership:

  • Katie Podracky

Contact Information

For donations: please mail art artwork/ supplies, check or money order to:

Crayons Matter,
c/o Courtenay Fields,
1852 Banking Street # 9344,
Greensboro, North Carolina 27408.

You may also call (336.508.0901) or email us. To apply as a volunteer, please follow this link, fill our form out and we will be in touch soon. Thank you!