Crayons Matter Milestone – Partnering with Walmart

by Courtenay Fields and placed under: The Latest
Wow! Crayons Matter has celebrated yet another milestone by partnering with the incredible leadership team at the Walmart – Greensboro Store #3658 to purchase essential school supplies for the children at our sponsor schools in Ghana and in Greensboro. It is critically important that every dollar donated to Crayons Matters is spent wisely so that we can supply the greatest number of backpacks filled with crayons, colored pencils, yellow #2 pencils, and notebooks to students in need.

A BIG thank you to the Walmart – Greensboro leadership team for their kind and generous support of the Crayons Matter mission: Tommy Hudson, Cecil Sharpe, Anthony Soto, John, Brian, and Taylor. The time and energy that you and your team have put forth to help our group purchase essential school supplies will enable us to share and deliver resources more efficiently to children in need.

Crayons Matter is delighted that we can purchase supplies locally from Walmart and make a difference in grassroots communities both locally and globally.

Coldplay calls it “Magic”, and I tend to call it divine intervention. Each time another meaningful door opens for Crayons Matter, it is huge blessing that we can all engage in a service journey to educate children in Greensboro, Ghana, and other local and global communities by inspiring their imaginations through crayons and basic school supplies.

Thank YOU for continuing to support and encourage the next steps of Crayons Matter. Your contributions do matter! Please have your children CRAFT, CREATE, COLLECT, and SHARE art work for our backpacks – each drawing brings such joy, care, and love to children around the world!

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