Crayons Matter Local Milestone: Delivery of first backpacks to children at the Newcomers School in Greensboro, NC

by Courtenay Fields and placed under: The Latest
Awesome local milestone! Crayons Matter has delivered our first backpacks to children in the United States! 

Anna Wall and I were thrilled to deliver 25 Crayons Matter backpacks filled with crayons, notebooks, colored pencils, pencils, and unique pieces of art created by children in the United States to the Newcomers School in Greensboro, NC on August 29th. We are scheduled to deliver 25 more backpacks to students during new student orientation at the end of this month.

We are delighted and honored to partner with the Newcomers School to share backpacks filled with essential school supplies and art work with new students. It is a privilege to have established this meaningful partnership, and we are even exploring the opportunity to have students at Newcomers create art work for students at our sponsor schools in Ghana – wonderful chance for children to connect globally through creative thought! We are also engaging in an Art Station Project that will bring additional art supplies to students at Newcomers – more to come! A special thank you to Angel Katona, Candice Bailey, Emilie Young, Nora Murray, and the entire team at Newcomers/GCS for making this partnership a reality!

Thank YOU for your inspiring support of the Crayons Matter mission that allows us to make a difference in the lives of children globally and locally! Your time, energy, and generous resources are making a difference…. 

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