Backpack Assembly Day in Greensboro, NC

by Courtenay Fields and placed under: The Latest
What an amazing couple of days for the Crayons Matter mission!  Over 35 volunteers packed 1200 backpacks that have now started their journey to Ghana (at 4pm today!!).  The team also assembled 250 backpacks that will be shared with the children at the Newcomers School in Greensboro, NC this fall.  Wow!!

Thank YOU all for your incredible support, kind generosity, energy, and passion to make a difference for children all over the world.  The donations that YOU have contributed, the art work that YOU have created, the crayons and supplies that YOU donated, and the time that YOU have given all make this service experience possible.

WFMY News will be running a story tonight on Crayons Matter on 11pm news – thanks, Zac! – another humbling and heartwarming milestone for this grassroots initiative.

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